Join Rolling Thunder on Memorial Day 2017

Written by Metropolitan Shuttle on May 25, 2017
Bikes at Rolling Thunder 2015

On May 29, the country will join together to remember those who died serving our nation in the armed forces. Memorial Day originally began as Decoration Day, which was organized by Civil War veterans in 1868.

Many Americans will gather at cemeteries, monuments, and memorials to commemorate…Read More

Celebrate National Transportation Week with Metropolitan Shuttle

Written by Metropolitan Shuttle on May 23, 2017
Bridge in Tennessee

The National Transportation Week, observed on the third week of May, is a time to reflect on the importance of the transportation industry to our national infrastructure.

National Transportation Week was started by Charlotte Jones Woods in 1952, in an attempt to interest college students in the field…Read More

Lesser-Known Memorials to Check Out This Armed Forces Day

Written by Metropolitan Shuttle on May 16, 2017
Vietnam Women's memorial

On Saturday, May 20, the United States will celebrate Armed Forces Day. On this day, Americans come together to honor those Americans who serve in all five branches of the U.S. military. All across the country, people will celebrate with military displays, parades, and visits to memorials.

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Survival Tips for Your Next Family Road Trip

Written by Metropolitan Shuttle on May 11, 2017

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and for many of us, that means a trip home to see the parents. We soon find ourselves faced with choices: fly or drive? Take the car, or take a bus?

For families with kids, road trips can be especially challenging. Here…Read More

The Hoover Dam and Spillway House – A perfect day trip from Las Vegas

Written by Metropolitan Shuttle on May 8, 2017
Hoover Dam

Stretching across the border between Nevada and Arizona lies the Hoover Dam, one of America’s most famous landmarks. The dam provides hydroelectric power to California and Arizona and controls flooding of the Colorado River, making life in the Southwest what it is today — and making the dam…Read More