Atlanta Charter Bus Rentals

Atlanta is one of America’s fastest-growing cities as well as being a popular destination for visitors, conventioneers and business travelers. As one of the southeastern United States’ largest cities, Atlanta has a lot of attractions to offer – and when you and your group choose a bus rental to get around Georgia’s most exciting city, you won’t have to miss a thing. An Atlanta, Georgia charter bus is an ideal way to visit this city and take in all of the culture and activities it has to offer.

This city is home to a number of nationally and internationally known companies including Coca-Cola, CNN and Delta Air, with a tour of the CNN facilities being a big draw for visitors to Atlanta. An Atlanta bus rental can also get you and your group to attractions such as the Georgia State Capitol building, the Georgia Aquarium(home to whale sharks, penguins, jellyfish, beluga whales and many other aquatic animals) and a variety of other sights which no one would want to miss on their visit. Of course, the best part about an Atlanta bus charter is that you don’t have to; you can get around to everything in comfort without having to worry about how to get where you’re going – you just have to enjoy your stay. In a city like Atlanta, that’s the easy part; a charter bus rental from Metropolitan Shuttle can take care of the rest.

Atlanta also contains a number of historical attractions, having been the site of several battles in the Civil War, including of course the battle of Atlanta, in which much of the city was burned by General Sherman’s troops after a four month siege. The city’s churches and hospitals were the only buildings spared from the conflagration, with the surviving antebellum buildings being attractions in their own right. These Civil War-era historical sites are points of interest which you and a group of as many of forty friends, family members and colleagues can see on an Atlanta, Georgia charter bus tour.

Visit Atlanta In Comfort & Style With A Metropolitan Shuttle

One of the best things about visiting this great American city by rental bus is being able to set your own itinerary, so you and your group can see all of Atlanta’s sights which you have on your own personal must-see list. It’s a kind of freedom which you’d never be able to get from a tour company – and you can decide to take as much or as little time as you like with each of Atlanta’s many historic, cultural attractions and all of the entertainment and nightlife this city has to offer.

When it comes to seeing Atlanta in comfort and style, nothing beats the comfort and amenities a Metropolitan Shuttle bus rental can give you. You can go straight from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to see an Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks or Atlanta Thrashers game (the city’s NFL, National League Baseball, NBA and NHL teams, respectively – Atlanta is a paradise for the sports fan); or anywhere else you’d like your5 Atlanta, Georgia bus charter to take you and your group.

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