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Meeting, Convention, & Event Planners Resources

Written by Metropolitan Shuttle on February 18, 2015
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Resources For Event Planners

Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners spend most of their time in offices coordinating the details of events to ensure every detail is perfect and runs as smoothly as possible. They also work onsite at hotels or convention centers, and they often travel to attend events and visit…

Why you should book buses for yout next company event

Written by Metropolitan Shuttle on February 9, 2015
Corporate Transportation Charter Bus

Boost Corporate Culture By Providing Corporate Transportation
Many companies nowadays attend or host events together. Some might wonder why it is necessary to contract transportation rather than employees transporting themselves. Some of the reasons include:

Increased attendance & punctuality
Improved corporate culture
Employee appreciation

If employees need to provide their own transportation…

Event Planning Tips

Written by Metropolitan Shuttle on April 24, 2014
use a charter bus for your event

Want to host a memorable event? Depending on the nature of your business, perhaps you’re doing a product launch, a roundtable discussion, a networking event, or simply hosting out-of-town clients. Not every business has an in-house event planner, so here are a few tips for cost-effectively executing a great event…

Online Bus Charter Directories

Written by Metropolitan Shuttle on November 19, 2013
Charter bus safety

The Internet can be a funny place. If you’re searching online for a “bus charter”, “charter buses”, “rental bus” or to “charter a bus”, the likelihood is that the first search results will be online bus charter directories. These directories claim to allow you to “bypass the middleman” or avoid…