Detroit Charter Bus Rentals

Many people like to write off Detroit, but the Motor City is one place which should never be considered to be down for the count. While the city has fallen on hard times in the past, today it is beginning to experience renewal and starting to attract young professionals from across the country and even seeing a trickle of former residents returning to the city from the suburbs. During good times as well as hard times, Detroit has never stopped being a popular tourist destination – and Metropolitan Shuttle’s Detroit rental buses can take your group of friends, family members or colleagues to all of the incredible things that Michigan’s largest city has to offer.

Detroit has a long history, having been an important center of trade long before Michigan was a state or for that matter, before the United States even existed! Founded in 1701, Detroit has historically been an important commercial center for its proximity to Canada and its location on the shores of Lake Erie and grew rapidly, becoming a city with a distinctive skyline of art deco skyscrapers. Many of the buildings in downtown Detroit are tourist attractions in their own right and a tour of the downtown area to take in the sight of these majestic buildings is one thing you’ll want to include while you visit this city with Detroit rental buses.

A bus rental is the best way to get around Detroit if you’re traveling in a group; Detroit is a city which, as befits its history as the center of the American auto industry, is designed for driving. The auto industry shaped much of the city’s development in the 20th century and is still Detroit’s largest industry.

One of the things Detroit is best known for other than cars is music. Detroit is the home of Motown records, the label which launched Stevie Wonder, Smoky Robinson, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye and many others. It’s unlikely that anyone in the United States needs introducing the music of Motown, but the Detroit area has been and continues to be the home of a large number of nationally and internationally famous recording artists. Whether your tastes run to rhythm and blues, jazz, rock, punk, opera or any genre, Detroit is a city which has a thriving live music scene – and with Detroit rental buses, it’s easy to get around to catch performances at any of the city’s dozens of live music venues.

If your group includes sports enthusiasts, Detroit is an exciting place to be; this is one of the relatively small number of US cities with teams representing all four major US sports – the Detroit Lions, Red Wings, Tigers and Pistons, the city’s NFL, NHL, Major League Baseball and NBA franchises, respectively. If your group is planning to take in a game while you’re in Detroit, Metropolitan Shuttle’s Detroit rental buses are the easiest way to make sure you make it to the game on time and in style; you can leave the driving to the experts and just enjoy the game. In this major American city on its way up, a bus rental makes it easy to get around and see the sights.

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