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The city of Miami, Florida is one of America’s most popular tourist destinations, with vacationers from all over the world flocking to this south Florida city for its mild temperatures, beaches and many museums and parks which offer places for relaxation and refuge from the city’s often muggy weather. Despite being a relatively small city in terms of population, the Miami metropolitan region is the fourth largest in the nation and is a global center of finance, fashion and the entertainment industry. All of this adds up to a bustling city which is best traversed with a Miami rental bus to make sure you don’t have to miss a thing.

Bus rentals make it easy for groups to get around the Miami metro area and take part in the many activities and see the sights of one of America’s few major cities with a truly tropical feel. Miami is also a very modern city with a high population density due to its being surrounded by national parks on two sides. This has led to a trend towards building vertically, something which is dramatically evident in the downtown Miami skyline; the city has one of the highest skylines in the US, with a skyscraper building boom currently underway.

Miami’s architecture is some of America’s most colorful, with art deco buildings standing side by side with Miami Modern buildings, lending a bright, lively feel to the city which is accentuated by the many palm trees lining city streets. It’s one of the country’s most favored locations for business conventions giving its status as a financial center and a transport hub; the port of Miami is one of the nation’s busiest and Miami International Airport numbers among the busiest airports in the entire world. Fortunately, with a Miami bus charter, you and your colleagues can easily make time for leisure in the Miami area even when you’ve come for business.

The entertainment industry is also well represented here, with record companies, broadcasters and film production companies all headquartered in the city. Miami is a center of Spanish language television in particular, with Univision’s popular weekend variety show Sabado Gigante being produced here, among many others. Miami is one of the few large American cities to have a majority of citizens who speak Spanish as their native language, creating a sizeable market for Spanish language media. If you can manage to secure seats for the studio audience, you and your group could pay a visit to the tapings of some of these programs – and get there in style on your Miami bus rental.

Miami charter bus also make sense for getting to and from another of this city’s many attractions: sporting events featuring the Miami Dolphins or the Florida Marlins, Miami’s NFL and Major League Baseball teams. With an enormous number of things to see and do in Florida, you’ll never have to worry about becoming bored here; and with Metropolitan Shuttle Miami rental bus to make sure you get where you’re going, all you have to do is have fun. Fun, of course, is one thing which isn’t a challenge in south Florida’s most exciting city.

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