Orlando Charter Bus Rentals

Sometimes, your van just isn’t large enough to accommodate everyone you need to take on a trip; and a caravan of smaller vehicles is often simply not a comfortable option. Traveling in a group is just more fun when you well, travel in a group. There are few things which offer more fun for your family, group of friends, church group or co-workers than a trip to Orlando. Charter bus rentals can be the perfect answer for getting you and the rest of your group to the Orlando’s many attractions all together.

When you think of Orlando, you probably think of one thing first and foremost: Disneyworld. This world famous amusement park is actually one of many in the region, though it is certainly the best known such attraction in Orlando, Florida. Charter buses can bring back fond memories of school trips; groups of grown men and women have been known to break out into renditions of “99 bottles of beer on the wall”. There’s nothing quite like a bus charter and all of the fun and enjoyment that Orlando have to offer to bring out the kid in anyone.

Other than Disneyworld, Orlando is home to the Kennedy Space Center, itself a large draw and a must-see for the science buffs in your group. Seaworld also calls Orlando, Florida home as well as Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Cypress Gardens Adventure Park and for those who’d prefer to sit back and watch the spectacle, Cirque Du Soleil!

The Orlando, Florida region is one of the country’s largest tourist destinations and a rental bus or other bus charter can take a lot of the stress and hassle out of getting around the city and to all of its many attractions. A Metropolitan Shuttle bus rental can bring you and your group from any of the city’s three airports which serve the millions of visitors to the area each year and to all of the amusement parks, resorts and museums which Orlando offers to tourists.

If you’d like to take a little time away from the crowds, your charter Orlando bus rental can take you to the Wekiwa Springs State Park, Blue Springs State Park or the Central Florida Zoological Park where you can enjoy a little of the natural beauty and warm climate of central Florida. No matter whether you’re in Orlando to see the sights of the city, enjoy a day at Disneyworld or Cypress Gardens or simply enjoy the beautiful weather of Orlando, Florida rental buses allow groups of all sizes to get everywhere they want to go in the Orlando area. It’s a vacation with none of the hassle – but all of the fun!

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