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Rounding out the list of the ten largest American cities is San Jose, California; but this is a city which knows that you don’t need to be the biggest to be the best. San Jose is confident in itself and this confidence is well placed, as evinced by the enormous numbers of tourists who visit this northern California city every year. Located in California’s Silicon Valley, San Jose enjoys a pleasant climate year round, a thriving economy and one of the highest per-capital incomes in the nation. These factors have made the city a pleasant place to live and to visit; and when your group of friends, family or colleagues can see the sights of San Jose with the comfort and convenience that San Jose charter buses offer, it’s the icing on the cake.

Attractions you won’t want to miss while you’re visiting on your own San Jose rental bus tour include the Winchester House. This unfinished mansion was in fact never designed to be finished; Sarah Winchester, widow of the founder of the Winchester Rifle Company and heir to the Winchester fortune began construction on the home in 1884 and continued until her death 38 years later. Filled with dead ends, secret passages and stairways to nowhere, she began building after being told that the only way to avoid her death at the hands of the ghosts of people killed by Winchester’s products was to build this house and never complete its construction. Today, this bizarre home is an incredibly popular attraction – and if you happen to be in San Jose on Halloween or on any Friday the 13th, tours by flashlight are available! This is one place you’ll certainly want to add to your groups’ San Jose Charter Buses tours.

Beethoven fans will be delighted by one particular attraction in San Jose: the Ira F. Brilliant Center For Beethoven Studies; this institute contains the largest Beethoven collection in the US (and in fact, the largest anywhere outside of Europe). You may want to have your rental bus driver add this one to the list of places to visit on your itinerary if your group includes music fans.

Train buffs will love the San Jose Steam Railroad Museum located at Kelly Park, where there are some one of a kind railroading exhibits – and everyone will like the city’s wide variety of performing arts options. San Jose’s residents are among the most avid theatergoers in the US and there are a number of venues for theater, live music and performances of all kinds.

If NHL hockey is more your speed, then you’ll want to arrange San Jose bus rentals to take you to a San Jose Sharks game if you’re lucky enough to be in the city during a home game. The Sharks are wildly popular at home and across the country and you’re in for a treat if you plan ahead and get tickets for your group.

Whether you’ve just come to enjoy the San Francisco Bay area’s weather and natural beauty, see where the personal computing revolution got underway, visit the oddity that is the Winchester House, view Beethoven exhibits at the Ira F. Brilliant Center or thrill to a San Jose Sharks game, you’re asking exactly the right question when you ask someone if they know the way to San Jose – but when you leave the driving to Metropolitan Shuttle’s drivers and choose San Jose bus charters, all you have to do is have a good time.

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