You deserve to work with the best! Metropolitan Shuttle is your Trusted Charter Bus Source since 2001
Want to charter a bus in Houston for a football game? We’ve Got You Covered!
Want to organize a bus trip to that big away game? With Metropolitan Shuttle you can! We'll help you through the process of chartering a bus, especially if you've never done it before. Please give us a call today!

Charter a bus to high school football game

At Metropolitan Shuttle, we know: Houston high school football is no joke. Fans will do anything to get to the next big game, whether it’s at home or away. But how can fans, boosters, cheerleaders, and bands get to see Lamar, North Shore, or Westfield at that next big away game? Metropolitan Shuttle is here to help.

Friday Night Football with Metropolitan Shuttle

For almost two decades, Metropolitan Shuttle has been helping sports teams and fans handle their group athletic travel needs. Whether you need a small shuttle van to get to Katy Stadium or a 55-person luxury party bus to celebrate in style at Ratliff Stadium in Odessa — or anything in between — we’re on your team.

If you’ve never chartered a bus before, here’s something you should know: booking a bus with Metropolitan Shuttle is quick and easy. That’s not the only reason to do it — just the best one. Here are a few other reasons why you should let Metropolitan Shuttle handle your sports travel needs.

It’s Easy to Charter a Bus with Us

How easy is it to rent a bus with Metropolitan Shuttle? Let us show you.

  • The action begins when you call us at 1-866-556-3545, or contact us via the website. You don’t need much to get started — just the number of devoted sports fans in your party, the destinations, and the travel dates. That’s enough for us to kick off.
  • We’ll help you pick out a bus that’s the right size for your needs, whether you’re traveling with a few enthusiastic team boosters or an entire football team. From school buses to luxury charter buses, we have it all.
  • Once we’re done finding the vehicle that’s right for you, we’ll offer you a free quote and a contract. If you accept, congratulations! You can get back to planning the perfect athletic travel experience while we secure your bus and driver.
  • We’ll contact you before your departure with all the details you need.

Sports travel is easy when you rely on Metropolitan Shuttle. It’s also safe, convenient, and cost-effective. Traveling by bus is one of the safest ways to get on the road, and it’s cheaper per-person than any other mode of ground travel.

Plus, there’s no need to worry about traffic, parking, organizing schedules, or any of the other headaches you might associate with group transportation. We’ll guide you through the process every step of the way and provide a single point of contact if anything comes up. And with the MetroTrac app, you can keep tabs on your team from the first pick-up to the final departure.

Let’s Play!

Since 2001, Metropolitan Shuttle has been proud to be part of the team for football fans and players of every stripe. We pride ourselves on making athletic travel safe, easy, and convenient. If you’ve ever wanted to organize a big group trip for that next important away game, we’re here to assist! Want to find out more? Pricing varies by the time of year, so get a quote now for the best possible price. Call us at 1-866-556-3545 or contact us for a free quote.

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