Horizons for Homeless Children

Horizons for Homeless Children is a Massachusetts-based corporation with a mission to improve the lives of young homeless children. The organization provides homeless children with early education and stimulating play that all children need to grow and develop. Additionally, the organization seeks to help homeless parents with their economic hardships and with raising their child as healthily as possible.

On June 20th and 21st 2011, Horizons for Homeless Children hosted the 6th Young Children Without Homes National Conference in Washington, D.C. It was the first conference outside of Massachusetts, making it very influential to the organization, as new ideas and prospects were achieved on the issue of the effect of homelessness on the development of young children aged 0-5.

Metropolitan Shuttle’s services of bus charters and bus rentals benefited the conference by transporting the two hundred and fifty people attending the consultation from the L’Enfant Plaza Hotel to the Community of Hope Shelter in D.C. The services were described as wonderful and timely, throughout the two days composed of four large events. Many great and influential organizations, such as Horizons for Homeless Children, contact Metropolitan Shuttle to ensure successful and efficient transportation for any and all meaningful events.

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