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Vehicle Type: Shuttle Van
Vehicle Size: Small
Maximum Persons: 15
Fixed Rates Available: Yes
Typical Uses: Intracity, Small Groups, Meetings

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Shuttle vans and shuttle bus rentals are a great way to transport small groups of people to events, meetings, or any other charter service you may require. A shuttle bus rental or shuttle van may be the perfect solution especially if you are traveling with colleagues to meetings or worksites in various areas of the city, you can take advantage of Metropolitan Shuttle’s shuttle van or shuttle bus rental service to ensure that you get them where they need to go, when they need to be there.

Have you experienced the stress of trying to navigate an unfamiliar city, while having to make a meeting at a specific time? Maybe with the added pressure of having your boss or an important client as a passenger in the car with you? Add to that worries about making sure your team (riding in another car, that is) arrives on time, too? Just thinking about it can give even the most responsible businessperson a headache.

Don’t put yourself or your colleagues through all of that! Instead, hire a shuttle van, bus charter rental, or shuttle bus rental to get everyone safely from the airport to their hotel, from the hotel to a worksite or convention, from the workday to the restaurant for dinner, returned to the hotel and safely back to the airport in a shuttle van. Easy. Cost-effective. Stress-free.

The shuttle vans, shuttle bus rental, and bus charter vehicles we provide are driven by professionals who are familiar with their cities. They know where the traffic is (and isn’t), the best shortcuts to avoid time-consuming road work or other slowdowns and they will transport your group door to door with ease and in comfort.

Shuttle bus rental, shuttle vans, and passenger rental vans are a great alternative to caravans of separate vehicles; they are more cost-effective than rental cars or taxis. As well, they eliminate the hassles and time-wasting elements of driving yourself like searching for parking, parking and walking to your ultimate destination and the potential for wrong turns or bad directions.

Shuttle van features:

  • Seat up to approximately 15 passengers
  • Air conditioning
  • Ideal for shorter trips
  • Can be booked by the hour or per day
  • Serve all of US & Canada

Know what kind of vehicle and trip you want to take but still need some extra convincing? Check out our client list to see the major companies for which we’ve provided stellar logistics and bus rentals. Feel free to contact us to learn more or request a free online quote!