The most trusted partner in the group ground transport industry

For over two decades, Metropolitan Shuttle has continued to provide safe, reliable transportation for organizations of all sizes. Built on professionalism, integrity, and unparalleled industry expertise, we’re committed to finding the right solution to fit your needs.

How it all started

Since 2001, Metropolitan Shuttle has committed to going the extra mile for customers. Over the past two decades, our team has managed complex shuttle services for corporations such as Fedex, Ups, Ebay, and eHarmony, and provided comfortable, luxurious charters for conventions, sports teams, and corporate retreats. Today, we bring that wealth of experience and industry knowledge to provide a better customer experience.

Metropolitan Shuttle transformed a regionalized ground transport industry by providing consistent service regardless of geographical area. Our team brought together hundreds of operators and thousands of vehicles across the country, vetted by performance, safety, and reliability. No longer would clients be forced to flip through a rolodex of vendors searching for an available bus. Instead, they could place a single phone call to Metropolitan Shuttle, who would find the right vehicle, at the right price, in the right location to fulfill their needs.

Over the past two decades, we helped move Hurricane Sandy victims out of New York City, transported members of the FBI and metropolitan police during presidential inaugurations, brought workers to clean up beaches during the BP oil spill, and shuttled residents in low-income neighborhoods to Walmart stores to do their shopping. Every day, we ensure students arrive safely to class, employees arrive on-time to work, and doctors and nurses arrive promptly to their shift — with dedicated project managers and on-the-ground dispatch available through every mile.

With ground transport, we can’t promise there won’t be problems. Here’s what we can promise: When an unforeseen circumstance arises, our team is backed with the resources, knowledge, and processes necessary to do everything in our power to solve it — which is why we’ve become one of the most trusted partners in the industry.

We take pride in

  • Leading with integrity, delivering on what we promise

  • Conducting ourselves honestly, so you know what to expect

  • Going the extra mile for customers

  • Remaining professional within every conversation

Say hello to our senior team

  • Glenn Orloff

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Ben Knowlton

    Director of Sales

  • Davin Lee

    Sales Operating Manager

  • Jackie Liles

    Operations manager