Charter Bus Services


Metropolitan Shuttle provides professional, reliable and comfortable group transportation both between and within every major U.S. metropolitan area. As a nationwide reservation service for shuttle charter bus services that operates through a network of vendors, we have access to all kinds of charter buses, minibuses, shuttle vans and luxury coaches.

Our charter bus services are ideal for transporting your business partners, friends, clients or employees to conventions, sporting events, work sites and other gatherings. Because of our wide range of vendors and what each provides, we can find exactly the right fit for your group.

Benefits to Charter Bus Group Travel

If you’re transporting a group of people, it’s essential that each person arrive at the destination safely, on time and under pleasant circumstances. Managing multiple taxis or rental cars is both costly and inefficient. As well, you need to be working with someone who has a keen understanding of the local transportation climate at your destination to ensure that everything will run smoothly. At Metropolitan Shuttle, we make the calls to the local vendors on your behalf; they know which highways become parking lots at rush hour, whether there’s available parking at an event site and how long the actual travel time is (not the amount of time a mapping app says it will take). That way, we ensure that your group is going to be delivered and picked up exactly when it needs to be. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Add a Little Extra with a Charter Bus

Want to go the extra mile for your guests? A few little luxuries tell your clients, colleagues or employees that you value their contributions to your business. Many of our charter bus service partners offer top-of-the-line buses. These can include PA systems, reclining seats with ample leg room, adjustable foot rests, individual reading lights, restrooms, overhead racks, climate control, tinted picture windows for a glare-free view, weather-proof luggage compartments, heavy-duty shocks and audio/visual equipment.

Charter Bus Travel Planning

At Metropolitan Shuttle, we have professional group travel planners who design and deliver shuttle buses or specific transportation packages. They assist in planning personnel transport, meetings, excursions and special events.

Whether it’s to and from the airport, on a company outing or retreat, meetings, conventions, sporting events, academic or religious events or any other opportunity that requires group travel, this team of agents is available to work out all of the details for you.

We believe in taking a personal approach to organizing clients’ group travel needs. We are always available to help and we’ll work within your budget to establish the best travel choices for you.

Why Clients use Metropolitan Shuttle Charter Bus Services:

… for shoppers

Walmart contracts with Metropolitan Shuttle to get families who have no transportation into stores. The company sees value in providing free busing to shoppers who have no transportation, so it uses our minibuses to pick up shoppers at scheduled stops at various locations in their neighborhoods and drop them off at Walmart. The minibus chartered bus service operates on a constant loop during most shopping hours, so shoppers can spend as much time in the store as they want and then catch a ride home when the shuttle comes back around.
It’s a win/win… Walmart is gaining valuable customers who would otherwise shop elsewhere because they have no way to get to the store, and the shoppers have the opportunity to shop outside their immediate walking-distance vicinity.

… to get employees to work

At the Kraft Foods Inc. headquarters outside Chicago, Metropolitan Shuttle is providing transportation for employees getting to and from work. Thousands of Kraft employees are riding Chicago’s MetraRail to work each day; however, the MetraRail stops are still a distance from the many buildings on the large Kraft corporate campus. So that its employees can get back and forth to work as quickly as possible, and without having to walk very far outside in the cold Chicago winters, Kraft has hired Metropolitan Shuttle to provide buses that pick up employees at various MetraRail stops and shuttle them to their destinations on the corporate campus. The shuttles run for both inbound workers in the morning and outbound in the evening.
We also provide employee shuttles from outlying parking lots and public transportation stops for eBay, eHarmony and other large national corporations. If your company has a large corporate campus that requires shuttle transportation, call us today for a free quote.

… for major long-distance trips

When President Barack Obama was first inaugurated in 2009, the event set attendance records for any event held in Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Shuttle was there with our charter bus service — we drove a group of supporters all the way from California to Washington for the historic occasion.
The group rented one of our buses and scheduled it to drive straight across the country with no overnight stops. We had four or five drivers standing by to relay, and the group saved travel time and hotel room expense by sleeping on the bus at night while in transit.

… for fun

It can’t be easy to be a skiing enthusiast who lives in Texas. That’s why we drive Texas skiers to Colorado for weekend trips to hit the slopes. Our charter bus service provides the baggage compartments large enough to accommodate skis, and it’s a comfortable ride for the skiiers.

… for sports

DeSoto High School in DeSoto, Texas, is known for its athletic championship wins. When its football team played in the regional championships in Florida, the football boosters hired Metropolitan Shuttle to provide charter bus service for the boosters and the marching band to accompany the team to the playoffs

… for multiple-day events

Football fans are already excited for Super Bowl XLVIII (2014), which will be held at MetLife Stadium at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey, which is about 13 miles outside New York City. NFL Films is planning ahead; it has booked Metropolitan Shuttle for charter bus service for an entire weekend of Super Bowl festivities in the city. We’ll be driving football fans from various points in the tri-state area in and out of New York for restaurants, shows, shopping and nightlife throughout the weekend of the Super Bowl. And, of course, we will be there to get everyone safely to and from the Super Bowl, itself.

… for emergencies

When disaster strikes, safety is the most important thing. When something huge happens, ensuring quick and safe transportation is of the utmost priority. Metropolitan Shuttle is always ready…. just ask the New Yorkers who were displaced during Hurricane Sandy. The City of New York contracted with us to bus schoolchildren whose schools were closed in the aftermath of the storm to schools in alternate locations for a number of months.

Metropolitan Shuttle was also there following the BP oil spill in 2010; the months-long record-setting spill required a massive and coordinated response. Even three years following the spill, tar balls were continuing to be found on the Mississippi coastline. Metropolitan Shuttle was responsible for transporting workers with chartered bus services to and from their beach work sites to clean up the tar balls.

These and many other satisfied clients are using Metropolitan Shuttle’s services in lots of ways to get people where they need to go, when they need to be there.

We encourage you to read though each of the services pages to see how Metropolitan Shuttle can suit all of your group transportation needs. To receive a free quote for any of our charter bus rental charter services, please visit the request page and complete the quick form today!