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Need to ensure your team arrives on time for an important project deadline? Metropolitan Shuttle has the solution for you with our reliable employee transportation services. Say goodbye to delays and hello to efficiency!

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Employee transportation services for increased employee productivity

Metropolitan Shuttle offers employee transportation services tailored to your company’s needs. Our drivers use modern, well-maintained vehicles to shuttle staff between work and home or other destinations.

Plus, we coordinate pick-up and drop-off times for maximum efficiency. Your employees’ commutes become hassle-free while boosting productivity and morale.


Your crew arrives on time, every time

Metropolitan Shuttle’s Off Site Shuttle Program (OSSP)™ ensures reliable shuttles in busy cities. We ensure dependable employee transportation services between parking lots and workplaces.

Matching DOT-qualified drivers, great project managers and local dispatch is key. Even in densely-populated metropolitan areas. Workers are spared the stress, frustration, and costs of looking for street parking, allowing your project to run more efficiently.

Why construction managers choose
Metropolitan Shuttle

Service Throughout North America

We can service any construction project in North America. We partner with thousands of local operators in the U.S. and Canada. We find the perfect vehicle setups for your project.

Heightened Company Morale

Forcing crewmembers to take public transportation can frustrate employees and delay your project. Convenient, on-time shuttle services create a better work experience for your team.

Punctual Schedules

We built a reputation for providing dependable, timely shuttle services. With Metropolitan Shuttle, never delay a construction project due to delayed workers.

Flexible Contracts

We understand projects often finish early or get extended. Metropolitan Shuttle has the experience, connections, and operator network to adapt to your schedule, ensuring you meet your deadline.

Multiple Levels of Support

We assign a dedicated project manager to oversee your entire project. Your point of contact coordinates with all local dispatch and shuttle drivers on your behalf.

Safety-First Mentality

Metropolitan Shuttle’s partner network undergoes rigorous maintenance checks before and after each trip. Also, they have preventative service every two weeks, every month, and every three months.


Why shuttle services for employees are good for business

Metropolitan Shuttle recognizes the benefits of providing employees shuttle services. It boosts productivity – workers arrive on time, refreshed, without stressing over traffic or parking.

Plus, it cuts costs by reducing vehicle maintenance, fuel, and insurance expenses associated with employees commuting.

Offering this perk also attracts top talent searching for a good work-life balance. But that’s not all – shuttle services are eco-friendly, decreasing emissions and improving air quality. Help reduce traffic at the same time as providing a real benefit for your employees.

Remember, a happy workforce is a productive workforce! By investing in corporate transport, you show your employees you care about them.

With Metropolitan Shuttle’s transportation solutions, your team can arrive at work fresh and ready to take on the day. Why not contact us for a personalized quote?

Let us handle your shuttle needs, so you can focus on your project

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