GSA Advantage

The GSA Advantage program is an online government purchasing service. Federal government agencies use GSA Advantage to acquire goods and services in an efficient and cost-effective way; all of the GSA’s contractors have been approved and qualified for government contracts.

In order to become qualified as a GSA provider, a vendor must meet the following criteria:

  • Paperwork must meet all submission requirements
  • Must be viable and stable
  • Qualified to sell products or services to the government
  • Products/services must qualify for purchase by federal agency
  • Favorable pricing that is more competitive than any other offered by the supplier
  • Supplier is responsive and approved products/services are available for the term of the contract

Metropolitan Shuttle provides GSA Advantage services under SIN 411-1, which includes:

    • Single passenger transport
    • VIP transport
    • Assistance package transport
    • Multiple passenger transport
    • Shuttle services
    • Reporting
    • Driver services
    • Bus services
    • Airport transport
    • Passenger

Metropolitan Shuttle is a trusted federal government service provider because of our lengthy history of reliability, cost-effectiveness and safety. We charter ground transportation for groups of all sizes in every metropolitan area of North America.

For more information, please view our listing in the GSA eLibrary, or complete your order using our Request for Booking form and credit card authorization form. For more information about Metropolitan Shuttle’s GSA Advantage services, please contact our GSA contracts office at (866) 556-4545 x336, or by direct line at (240) 833-0938.