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Louisville bus rentals from Metropolitan Shuttle offer your group of friends, family or colleagues a unique perspective on this unique American city. Located on the Ohio River, Louisville, Kentucky is a city which shares characteristics with the Midwest and the south, while being neither: Louisville is a place with a feel all of its own. Hometown of Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, boxer Muhammad Ali and the musician Will Oldham and Wilson Pickett, Louisville is also the birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken and the first library in the south which was open to African American citizens. For a relatively small city, Louisville has more than its share of history and characters past and present; and a lot of places you’ll want your rental buses to get you to and from.

Founded in 1780 in the midst of the Revolutionary War, the city is named after King Louis the 16th of France in honor of his nation’s contribution to the war effort. The location of the city at the falls of the Ohio river made it a center of commerce and a transportation hub for the region and the population of Louisville grew quickly.

Shortly after the end of the Civil War, an annual Louisville tradition began which is one of the city’s largest draws for tourists to this day: the Kentucky Derby. The first Derby was held at Churchill Downs (then known as the Louisville Jockey Club) in 1875, drawing approximately 10,000 spectators; not a surprising figure in a state where horse racing has always been more than just another sport to residents. No visit to Kentucky’s largest city is complete without a stop at Churchill Downs, a place you’ll definitely want to include on your itinerary. Since when you choose Louisville charter bus from Metropolitan Shuttle, you can make sure that this – and any other place you want to visit in Louisville won’t be left out.

Other than horse racing, Louisville is famous for a couple of local products: bourbon whiskey and the Louisville Slugger. About one third of all bourbon whiskey produced is made in or around Louisville, making this city the world’s number one city for bourbon. Popular brands including Four Roses and Woodford Reserve are made in Louisville, with many others including Maker’s Mark and Heaven Hill located just a short drive from Louisville. If you and your group are fans of this spirit or just interested in the history and culture of Kentucky, Louisville bus rentals to visit these distilleries can be arranged with ease. Rental buses can get your group to these and other historic and cultural attractions in the Louisville area efficiently and comfortably.

Oddly enough for a city with no major league baseball team of its own, Louisville is also the home of the famous Louisville Slugger; the city’s minor league team’s stadium is named for this renowned brand of bat. The Louisville Slugger museum is located in downtown Louisville’s Museum Row, also home to the Muhammad Ali center and the Louisville Science Center, all must-visit destinations while you’re visiting this one of a kind city.

There is more to do and see in Louisville than you’ll probably have time for in one visit – but this is a city with so much charm that you’ll certainly want to come back for another look with Louisville bus charter which let you decide what you want to see and where you want to visit.

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