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Charter Bus Prices and Amenities

Ready to hit the road, but not quite sure how you’re getting to your destination yet? Metropolitan Shuttle makes it easy. We’ve built our business on connecting customers to high-quality, safe, and reliable charter buses to get groups of all sizes from A to Z and back again. Motor coach rental has long been a popular method of group transportation thanks to its affordability and convenience.

Of course, when it comes down to the nuts and bolts, you need to know bus and coach rentals can fit into your budget. We’re here to help.

Have questions about charter bus prices? Or are you wondering about the process of chartering a bus? Metropolitan Shuttle has straightforward numbers and fast answers to all your questions about charter bus rentals.

Charter Bus Prices

The questions we get the most revolve around the cost of chartering a bus. Coach bus rental prices vary by state, but there are two basic pricing scales: local area and interstate charters. It’s less complicated than you might think!

For local area charter bus rentals, prices average $240 per hour, with a five-hour minimum. Please see the table below for regional pricing. Across state lines, motor coach rental prices can run around $3.50 to $4.00 per mile, including the cost for the return trip (even if the bus is empty).

Region 5 HR Min Additional Hour
Region I New England & Upstate NY $850-$1,600 $150-$250
Region II New York City metro area $850-$1,400 $150-$200
Region III NJ, DE, PA, MD & DC $850-$1,250 $150-$200
Region IV WV, OH & MI $850-$1,250 $150-$200
Region V VA, NC, TN & KY $850-$1,600 $150-$200
Region VI AL, GA & FL $800-$1,250 $150-$200
Region VII WI, IL & IN $850-$1,250 $150-$200
Region VIII MN, IA, MO, AR, OK & KS $850-$1,250 $150-$200
Region IX MS, LA & TX $750-$1,100 $150-$200
Region X MT, WY, ND, SD, NE, CO, NM, UT, NV & AZ $850-$1,400 $150-$200
Region XI Southern CA & HI $900-$1,450 $150-$200
Region XII Northern CA, OR, WA & ID $950-$1,650 $150-$200

Please note: These prices are to be referenced as examples of our typical prices and may vary due to seasonality and high demand dates and events. The actual price for your trip is subject to availability and local sourcing in major metropolitan areas for metro area travel. In the event that a vehicle cannot be locally sourced, “garage time” to the desired pick-up location and return back will be charged. For prices specific to your trip, please request a quote from Metropolitan Shuttle.

For more information on how coach bus rental prices are calculated, see our article, “How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Bus?”

Charter Bus Service Considerations

When it comes to nailing down a charter bus quote, the numbers above can give you a good indication of what to expect. However, there are several factors to consider that may influence the final price you pay. These include:

  • “Deadhead” mileage: After dropping off passengers, a now-empty bus may sometimes be driven a significant distance. To save rental buses from losing out on revenue, a deadhead fee is often charged in the overall price of the trip. This fee varies according to the size of the bus and the number of passengers, but you can typically expect it to be less than the per-mile rate.
  • Planning time: Unlike purchasing airline tickets, the price of charter bus services don’t tend to rise as the date of your trip approaches. This gives you more flexibility and less stress when planning, as you can expect the quote to stay consistent.

If you have any concerns or questions, our team members are just a phone call away. We’re happy to help you unpack the numbers and help you find ways to meet your budget. We’re big fans of transparency, so you can always trust us to shoot straight and not try to upsell you on anything unnecessary.

Charter Bus Amenities

When contracting a bus and driver for your trip, safety and reliability are at the forefront of our mind. We always verify that drivers and vehicles are properly insured and comply with Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) safety standards. We also keep a close eye on timeliness and efficiency to make sure you’re satisfied with every aspect of your charter bus experience.

With these priorities locked down, we also strive to make sure your trip is as convenient and comfortable as possible. How do we do it? Through amenities designed for a premium journey. This looks a little different for each type of bus and coach. You won’t find the same layout and amenities on a school bus as you will on a luxury bus, for instance — although that should go without saying.

In our charter buses, you’ll find several exclusive amenities designed to create a memorable ride. These include air conditioning and onboard restrooms for a comfortable experience no matter the length of the trip. Charter buses also have reading lights and onboard WiFi to provide guests with entertainment options.  We’ll help you choose the bus that’s right for your trip and point you towards the amenities included so that you can make the most of your experience.

Charter Bus Rentals

If you’re confused about what it takes to charter a bus, don’t be. We make the process for chartering a bus simple:

  1. Contact us for a free quote via our website or over the phone.
  2. We help you find a bus and a pricing plan. You’ll sign a contract and provide a refundable down payment.
  3. Metropolitan Shuttle secures your buses, confirms your trip, and sends you all the details before your departure.

That’s pretty much it! All the stuff regarding insurance compliance, DOT regulations, FMCSA records, etc., we will handle for you! If you’d like, you can always get more details in our article on what you need to know about chartering a bus for the first time.

Metropolitan Shuttle prides itself on helping clients choose the best bus for their transportation needs. Our competitive charter bus prices, superior customer service, and extensive network of bus rental partners across the US and Canada make us the best in the business. No wonder the biggest names in industry and government rely on us!

Reach Out to Us Today to Get Started

Have more questions about prices for charter buses? Contact us for a free quote and get started planning your next trip! We’ll send you the bottom line number so that you know what to expect. Our friendly staff members can answer any questions or concerns you have along the way, and they are here to make sure your trip starts and ends seamlessly. We’ve been in business since 2001, and our years of expert experience have made us a go-to service around the nation.

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