Party Bus

Vehicle Size:
Large, Medium
Up to 40 passengers
Typical Uses:
Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties, Corporate outings, Fraternity / Sorority Outings, Group Events

Party Bus Rental Prices

Region5 HR MinAdditional Hour
Region I New England & Upstate NY$925-$1,050$190-$210
Region II New York City metro area$925-$1,200$190-$210
Region III NJ, DE, PA, MD & DC$925-$1,050$190-$210
Region IV WV, OH & MI$925-$1,050$190-$210
Region V VA, NC, TN & KY$925-$1,050$190-$210
Region VI AL, GA & FL$925-$1,050$190-$210
Region VII WI, IL & IN$925-$1,050$190-$210
Region VIII MN, IA, MO, AR, OK & KS$925-$1,050$190-$210
Region IX MS, LA & TX$925-$1,050$190-$210
Region X MT, WY, ND, SD, NE, CO, NM, UT, NV & AZ$800-$1,125$190-$210
Region XI Southern CA & HI$925-$1,050$190-$210
Region XII Northern CA, OR, WA & ID$925-$1,050$190-$210

Please note: These prices are to be referenced as examples of our typical prices and may vary due to seasonality and high demand dates and events. The actual price for your trip is subject to availability and local sourcing in major metropolitan areas for metro area travel. In the event that a vehicle cannot be locally sourced, “garage time” to the desired pick-up location and return back will be charged. For prices specific to your trip, please request a quote from Metropolitan Shuttle.

Using a Party Bus for Group Travel

Corporate party events are the perfect way to reward your employees or promote a teamwork environment. While many companies prefer to have their employees drive themselves to corporate sponsored events, using a party bus for group travel has its advantages over renting cars or using personal transportation.

The Benefits of Using a Party Bus for Group Travel

Safety should be a top concern for organizations who plan on holding events for their employees, and statistics show that over 1 million drunk driving arrests occurred last year. Corporations can avoid these types of safety issues by hiring a party bus to transport their employees to and from the event.

Cost of travel should also be another concern for employers. The average car rental exceeded $35 per day last year, and employees who don’t have their own cars might think twice before attending a corporate sponsored outing. A party bus is the perfect solution to this problem because employees won’t have to worry about spending in excess of $50 on a rental and gas, and instead can sit back and enjoy the luxuries of a well-equipped party bus.

Other benefits of using a party bus rental for group travel include:

  • Logistics Coordination – When hiring a party bus, you won’t have to worry about handling the logistics of ensuring that everyone arrives safely and on time.
  • Cost Effectiveness – A party bus alleviates the need to reimburse employees for any travel related expenses that may be incurred during the trip.
  • Improved Travel Experience – Whether you plan on taking your employees to a baseball game or to a convention, the luxuries included with every party bus rental means that your team will be able to relax and enjoy the entire trip.

Different Types of Party Buses

There are a variety of party buses available that cater to different needs:

The 20 Passenger Bus- This bus is perfect for teams of 20 people or smaller. This smaller bus has all the features of the larger party buses but at a more affordable price.

The Luxury Passenger Mini Bus- This bus is perfect for group outings that require overnight travel to far destinations. While they don’t come with some of the “party” features that the other buses do, your employees can still sit back, relax, watch a movie or listen to the radio.

The 40 Passenger Limo Bus- This top of the line bus has all the features your employees could ever ask for. From unique couch-like seating to fiber optic lights, television screens and more, this bus is perfect for rewarding employees with a well-deserved night on the town.