Minneapolis Charter Bus Rentals

Though Minneapolis bus charters are now the best way to get around the twin cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. Situated on either side of the Mississippi River in eastern Minnesota, the two cities are together by far the largest metropolitan area in the state of Minnesota and one of the largest urban areas in the Midwest. The combined size of the greater Twin Cities region is larger than that of the city of Chicago proper, making Minneapolis a place which offers a great deal of things to see and do; and the large scale of the twin cities makes a charter bus a good way to get around and enjoy all of the city’s many attractions.

Minneapolis is a city which is renowned for its cultural and arts scenes, particularly music and the performing arts. The city offers more opportunities to enjoy live theater than any other American city with the exception of New York City, even eclipsing larger cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and San Diego. With so much live theater and other performing arts to choose from, visitors to the city will find something to appeal to anyone’s tastes – and Minneapolis bus charters offer the best way for visitors to make it to theater, live music, ballet, symphony and other performances throughout the twin cities.

Music is something which Minneapolis is particularly well known for. The city is the hometown of both Prince and the Replacements, with other musical luminaries including Bob Dylan and Lester Young having made the city their home at some point in their lives as well. Minneapolis offers a wide variety of live music, with many venues throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul featuring music from jazz to hip hop, rock, rhythm and blues and punk. Much like the theater scene in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis has music for any and every fan.

If you and your group have managed to secure tickets in advance, Minneapolis bus rentals can bring you to Saint Paul’s Fitzgerald Theater, where the popular public radio program Prairie Home Companion is recorded in front of a live audience weekly. Since 1974, Garrison Keillor and a supporting cast of actors, musicians and guests have presented live radio to a hometown audience (except for a brief stint where the show was recorded from the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York in a slightly different format). For many, this is one of the cultural attractions regarded as a highlight of a visit to Minneapolis.

Whether you’re interested in taking in live theater or other performances, visiting the city’s many art and history museums or the natural beauty of the Mississippi River and the many parks and small lakes located in Minneapolis, there is no better way to get around and enjoy yourself in the Twin Cities than Metropolitan Shuttle’s Minneapolis rental buses. It’s a city with more art, cultural offerings and outdoor recreation than many others can boast of; of course, Minnesotan’s don’t like to boast – but you just might find yourself boasting about your trip to the Twin Cities and the comfort of your rental bus once you get back home!

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