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Vehicle Type: Minibus
Vehicle Size: Medium
Maximum Persons: 30
Fixed Rates Available: Yes
Typical Uses: Off-site parking lot shuttles
Smaller Groups

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Have you had occasion to transport a group of people, but a minivan was too small and a bus was too big? Most minibuses seat between 18 and 30 people and are ideal for shorter-distance trips. Metropolitan Shuttle can provide a minibus rental in any major metropolitan area in North America. One of the major benefits to our minibus rental service is that you’re leaving the driving to us. Rather than attempting to navigate a vehicle that’s probably larger than that to which you’re accustomed, filled with people who are important to you, we will provide a minibus mini bus with a professional driver who’s been trained in proper safety and handling.

Why rent a minibus?

  • Ideal for small group outings corporate meetings or events
  • For transporting groups or employees between hotels, airports, worksites and to conventions
  • On-time door-to-door transportation for your group
  • Perfect solution for short trips (fewer than 100 miles)

Minibus quick facts:

  • Not usually designed for long trips; they’re for short trips within a specific metropolitan area
  • Most do not have luggage compartments underneath or overhead in the vehicle, but they often have a storage “trunk” in the rear
  • Most mini bus rentals have a center aisle for comfortable and convenient boarding
  • Many mini bus rentals have TV monitors for DVDs

This mini bus charter is the ideal vehicle based on cost, function and convenience comparisons, to fit the niche “in between” a charter bus and a shuttle van. A mini charter bus rental may be a perfect solution. A quick comparison:

  • Shuttle Van
    • Up to 14 passengers
    • Little luggage capacity
    • Easy to maneuver in large cities
    • Ideal for small groups of business travelers
  • Minibus
    • Up to 25, sometimes 30 passengers
    • Some luggage capacity in rear
    • Ideal for short trips within a metro area
  • Charter Bus
    • Up to 55 passengers
    • Overhead racks for carry-on luggage, larger cargo bin underneath
    • Ideal for long-distance comfortable traveling

To understand how Metropolitan Shuttle mini buses can be used to accomplish any of your medium-sized group transportation needs, please read about all of our offered services or contact us for a quote today!