November 21, 2017

5 Worst Habits Behind the Wheel


“Look out for the other guy.”

It’s something we often say when someone leaves for a family trip, group event, or anything else that involves being on the road for a long time. Most of us do our best to be safe, vigilant drivers. Unfortunately, not everyone out there can say the same. The proliferation of technology in our cars and on our phones doesn’t make things any easier.

It seems obvious that everyone should be careful behind the wheel — but every year, thousands of automobile trips end in fatalities because of carelessness or operator error. Bad driving habits aren’t just a thing to avoid out of politeness. It could just save your life.

The Dreaded Distracted Driving

Whether it’s reading a text, glancing at the weather app, or checking the flight time on your phone, distracted driving has become a literal killer. Many states have started to crack down on distracted driving and the use of handsets while in the car. A few even ban their use altogether, even with hands-free devices. While some newer models of smartphone give you the option of turning off notifications while you’re driving, it’s best to avoid getting in the habit in the first place. While in the car, put your phone down and leave it alone.

Following Too Close

Tailgating the car ahead of you might seem harmless, but it can result in a traffic citation, a fender-bender, or worse. It’s especially dangerous when moving at high speeds, or in dangerous conditions. It may not seem like you’re going fast relative to one another, but a sudden stop or unseen obstacle in the road can spell disaster. Make room between yourself and the vehicle ahead, especially when it comes to large vehicles like tractor trailers.

Driving While Sleepy

Almost everyone’s done it. Whether you’re pushing to get home after a long road trip, or you’re trying to make that extra hundred miles to the motel, drowsy driving seems like a venial sin. But falling asleep at the wheel is responsible for 100,000 crashes a year. Sometimes, rolling down the windows and blasting the stereo just isn’t enough. Sleep deprivation can dull your senses, slow your reaction times, and impair your judgment. That’s why, at Metropolitan Shuttle, our drivers are only allowed to drive for 10 hours or 600 miles (whichever comes first) before requiring a relief driver. That’s not just a legal limit — it’s our commitment to safety.

Not Using Headlights

We’ve all met that one driver who doesn’t have their headlights on in the wee hours of the morning, or just after twilight. But headlights are also important during bad weather like rain storms or blizzards. If there’s any doubt, don’t assume the other person can see you coming. It’s a good idea to not take any chances and  have your headlights on at all times.


It may seem obvious, but going too fast is responsible for a significant percentage of all traffic accidents. When many of us think of speeding, we think of the reckless driver going a hundred miles an hour… not the everyday driver who drives the speed limit during snow or rain. Don’t let the all-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes, or other technology to save you from the laws of physics. Keep an eye on the speed limit and on the road conditions, and put your safety (and that of others) first.

Does the thought of sharing the road with drivers like this give you pause? There’s an easy way to make transportation to your next group outing, corporate event, or other road trip stress-free. Metropolitan Shuttle is a reservation service for charter buses, and we pride ourselves on our safety record when it comes to both drivers and buses. Want to get everyone where they’re going safely and comfortably? Call us at 1-866-556-3545 or contact us today to get pricing on a bus charter – you’ll be surprised how affordable it can be!


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