October 28, 2016

6 Reasons Why You Should Charter a Bus Instead of Carpooling


The carpool is a time-honored means of getting to many a corporate retreat or event. But is it the best choice? Carpooling definitely has its advantages: it saves fuel, reduces air pollution, and means less parking hassle at your destination. But there are many things carpooling can do that charter buses can do better. Here are just a few.

1. Safety

Bus travel has fewer accidents and injuries than any other form of road travel. The drivers for Metropolitan Shuttle are professionally trained and certified, and our buses meet or exceed the existing safety standards. We place a high priority on safety, and are invested in getting your group to their destination on time and accident-free.

2. Cleanliness

Metropolitan Shuttle offers clean, comfortable charter buses. But that’s not just “clean” in terms of the interior. Traveling by charter bus is one of the greenest ways you can travel. Buses are more fuel efficient and carry more people. Travel by bus, and you will be traveling at five times the fuel efficiency of traveling by car! Sit back, and enjoy helping to save the planet!

3. Team-Building

This is just science: when there’s a trained professional at the wheel, no one will back-seat drive. This gives you the opportunity to relax, enjoy the air-conditioned comfort, and get a little team-building done before arriving at your destination. Team-building is more relaxed and productive when no one has to watch the road and there are no arguments over which exit to take.

4. Parking

A major advantage to a shuttle bus parking situation? There isn’t one. The bus arrives, everyone gets off, and that’s it. Likewise, when it’s time to depart, the bus shows up, everyone gets on, and the bus leaves. Sounds simple, right? A lot simpler than trying to find out where everyone is when half the group has to park at the parking garage two blocks away because the lot was full.

5. Scheduling

One sure way to incur major headaches during a corporate outing is to try to coordinate, set, and keep a schedule for a large group. If you charter a bus from Metropolitan Shuttle, you can sidestep a lot of this. Work out the schedule with us before the trip, and it will be ready to go, complete with pickup and drop-off times, by the time your trip rolls around. This will prevent any confusion or frantic phone calls as you try to wrangle several carloads of people back on track. It’s a lot easier to relax when everyone arrives together.

6. Fun

Most of all, Metropolitan Shuttle can take the pressure off planning your transportation needs. We will work with you to pick the right vehicle, manage your schedule, and make sure your group arrives safely and on time. With that done, you can take some time and relax with your team before arriving at your meeting, retreat, or team-building getaway.

Need more information? Contact Metropolitan Shuttle today to get a free quote and discuss your bus charter & shuttle service needs with us.

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