May 30, 2017

Best BBQ in America


Summer weather is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate than by gathering some friends and grilling something outdoors? May is about to turn into June, and that means it’s a great time to either do some backyard grilling of your own, or, better yet, get family or friends together and take a fun-filled bus trek to a city world-famous for its barbecue.

The Best Cities for Barbecue

Opinions may differ on what style of barbecue is best, and what state is most famous for its barbecue, but one thing’s for certain: there’s plenty to choose from. Chances are there’s a great barbecue joint not far away, or an unforgettable summer barbecue event.

Knoxville, Tennessee is famous for beans, sweet slaw, sliced pork sandwiches, sausage and fried green tomatoes. Locals recommend Ridgewood BBQ, Calhoun’s, and Sweet P’s. Proximity to lots of local produce make the greens and vegetable sides next-level.

Dallas, Texas: Texas-style barbecue is direct and to the point: cooked over mesquite “cowboy style.” Famous for its brisket, prime rib, sweet beans, pulled pork, and Tex-Mex fare, Dallas is famous nationwide for its barbecue. Dallas connoisseurs of the barbecue pit recommend 18th & Vine BBQ for pit-fired oysters and fish, 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House for barbecue and beer, or the Pecan Lodge for beef ribs.

When in Birmingham, Alabama, stop by Jim ‘n Nick’s Barb-B-Q. There you’ll find brisket, chicken, and barbecue pork, all cooked over a hickory wood fire. If drive-in is more your speed, try the Golden Rule, a roadside barbecue place.

Kansas City, Kansas: Kansas City style barbecue is the yardstick by which most barbecue is judged. This style of barbecue is characterized by dry rub spices and a wide variety of meats. Barbecue is a way of life in Kansas City, and there are few better places to experience it than Joe’s Kansas City Barbecue, formerly known as Oklahoma Joe’s. Get in early and order the pulled pork sandwich.

Raleigh, North Carolina: Carolina-style barbecue may be the origin of the phrase “whole hog,” because all the various parts of the pig are frequently cooked and mixed together with vinegar and spices. Apparently the locals agree: Clyde Cooper’s in Raleigh is the place to experience Carolina-style barbecue. Hog shoulders, chopped and BBQ sandwiches with pepper-vinegar sauce are the orders of the day.

You shouldn’t miss out on BBQ just because you’re vegan or vegetarian. While most people wouldn’t think of Washington, D.C. as their first choice for great barbecue, there are some great restaurants that offer delicious vegetarian or vegan options. DCity Smokehouse at Wicked Bloom serves up barbecue pinto beans and fried onions and Fat Pete’s on Connecticut Avenue has a sandwich on the menu with smoked organic tofu served with fajita veggies.

BBQ is always best enjoyed with friends. If you need group transportation to plan an all-out BBQ outing or road trip to visit the best locations, consider chartering a bus for your trip. Call us at 1-866-556-3545 or click for a free quote.

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