July 16, 2018

Chartering a Bus vs. Driving


When it comes to long-distance travel, chartering a bus offers many advantages over driving. In fact, it may come as a surprise that group transportation is more eco-friendly than a hybrid car. In the transportation industry, efficiency is measured per passenger and how many miles driven per gallon. This means that for every coach bus you see on the road, it has the potential to replace up to 50 cars or more. And because 1 or 2 people occupy the average car, it doesn’t even come close to the seating capacity of a charter bus, which can seat up to 60 passengers.

Why Book a Charter Bus?

There are many benefits to booking a charter bus for your travel rather than other transportation options such as flying or driving. The first reason is safety. Charter bus travel is twice as safe as flying, and as much as 50 times safer than driving a car on long trips. With safety-certified vehicles and professionally trained and licensed drivers, you can rest assured that safety is a priority while you relax and enjoy the ride. Metropolitan Shuttle also provides peace of mind on the journey with 24-hour customer service.

It can’t be said enough – Charter buses are a budget-friendly transportation option. Unlike airline tickets, charter buses don’t typically raise rates as travel dates approach. When considering the price per person, charter buses are less expensive than taking a taxi.

Another reason to book a charter bus is the ease of reserving. When you book a charter, you can expect an upfront quote with no hidden cost. At Metropolitan Shuttle, our experienced staff will then organize the details and scheduling.  A long list of satisfied customers attest to the fact that traveling by charter bus is the perfect option to make your trip an extra special yet budget-friendly event.

Not only is chartering a bus more economical, but it also reduces your carbon footprint by being more fuel efficient than any other type of travel. Some companies use buses that are fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG) and other alternative fuels that are more environmentally friendly, including clean-diesel and electric hybrids, which help reduce greenhouse gasses emissions and air pollution.   

The charter bus might get 5 to 7 mpg compared to 63 mpg of a hybrid car, but it’s still more eco-friendly because of its high passenger capacity, which isn’t even comparable to a tiny hybrid vehicle. Charters also reduce highway congestion, a big-time headache for everybody on the road.

Charter Bus Pricing

When you compare charter buses to other forms of transportation, chartering a bus is always the most economical option, whether it’s a train, plane, or your own car. Pricing a charter bus depends on volume – the more passengers, the more you save on travel per person. Pricing also depends on time of year, length of rental, and type of charter.

Charter reservation companies like Metropolitan Shuttle offer a fleet of vehicles that range in price and amenities. For smaller groups and short trips within the same city, the shuttle van is a budget-friendly option for a party of 15 or less. If your budget is a top priority, consider booking a school bus. The most economical option for large groups of 44 to 60 people, the school bus pricing ranges from $440 to $810 for five hours, plus $75 to $95 for each additional hour. This could be a great option for more casual events like school field trips, a worksite trip, or sporting event.

If your group is smaller, the minibus is another economical option. Accommodating up to 24 people, it’s perfect for smaller groups that need to be transported to events or movie productions because it can make multiple stops. The price varies depending on the season, area, and availability.

If luxury is important, the Luxury Coach option is your best bet. With amenities to make the trip comfortable and relaxing, the luxury coach sure beats driving. Fitting up to 25 people, the luxury coach is perfect for corporate meetings and excursions. The swiveling reclining seats have arm and foot rests, plus you can socialize and relax on the way there with sofas and tables in the lounge area. Some coaches have a full galley kitchen complete with fridge, sink, coffee maker, and microwave.

If you want to kick it up a notch, try the Entertainer Coach. Fitting between 8-12 people, this luxury vehicle is perfect for traveling to music events or movie productions when you want to travel in style. With large flat-screen TV’s, DVD players, and Wi-Fi, all the modern amenities are at your fingertips. With reclining seats with arm and footrests and a sofa area with tables for lounging, there is no more comfortable way to travel with your group. To top it off, this option also has restrooms with a vanity, a full galley kitchen, and sleeping accommodations.

How to Charter a Bus

Once you have a budget for your trip, it’s time to get a quote for a charter reservation online or by phone. There are several factors that impact the pricing, including the size of your group. For example, you could select a Party Bus that can fit up to 40 people. This type of charter bus is perfect for larger events such as bachelor parties or school events, plus it allows you to travel in high style, with TV screens, fiber-optic lighting, and tinted windows.

After the details have been ironed out and the contract signed, the buses will be reserved for your specific dates. At this time in the process, many charter reservation companies, including Metropolitan Shuttle, require a refundable deposit to secure your bus and confirm your reservation. For your convenience, Metropolitan Shuttle doesn’t request full payment until thirty days before your departure. Approximately 24 hours before your trip, you will receive your travel itinerary and driver details, so you’ll know well in advance who will be driving for your group.

When you make plans for a big event, book a charter bus, a proven winner in affordability, convenience, and comfort, the trifecta of a successful journey. With a large vehicle that comfortably seats all your friends, family, or co-workers, getting there is half the fun.

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