July 25, 2016

Chartering a Bus for Your Next Company Event: A Quick Guide


Are you thinking of chartering or renting a bus for your next corporate event or retreat? Unsure about what amenities to bring, or which bus will best meet your needs? Never fear! Metropolitan Shuttle has you covered.

Have Your Information Ready

If you’re calling for a quote on your bus trip, the best way to get an accurate price is to have as much information as possible on hand. The three most important items when chartering a shuttle bus:

  • Dates. How long is the trip? When does the event begin and end?
  • Number of Passengers. How many people you have in your group will not only determine what size and kind of bus you need, but will also help determine the cost of the trip.
  • Local or Long-Distance? Local charter buses are priced differently than buses traveling beyond a metropolitan area. Chartering a bus for a few hours is a different proposition than booking an interstate journey.
  • Itinerary. The longer the trip, the more likely the bus will be stopping off so passengers can get rest or food. By law, a charter bus must also change drivers every 600 miles (or ten hours of driving).

Pick the Right Vehicle for the Job

When it comes to chartering a bus, it’s not just size that matters. A group of executives will prefer a deluxe motorcoach to a school bus, but a small event might require a simple minibus or van. Metropolitan Shuttle can help you find the bus that best suits your company’s needs:

  • Charter Bus. This motorcoach will seat up to 57 people and is typically used for interstate travel, large groups, and conventions.
  • Luxury Coach. A step up from your typical charter bus, a luxury coach is a great way to travel to a company event in style without straining your budget. A typical luxury coach seats 25 and offers amenities like flat-screen TVs, swiveling recliners, and a full galley kitchen. A luxury coach is perfect for the corporate excursion that leaves an impression.
  • Party Bus. A typical party bus will seat 20, 30, or 40 passengers, making it perfect for a mid-sized company event. Larger buses can include couch-like seating, fiber optic lights, and televisions inside the bus.
  • Minibus. Ideal for short distances, the minibus seats between 18 to 30 people in comfort. If your group needs transportation inside a major metropolitan area, this bus is ideal. TV monitors and DVD players are often included for onboard entertainment. Because minibuses tend to have limited space for luggage, they aren’t the best choice for long trips.
  • Shuttle Van. For small groups (15 people or less), the shuttle van is a smart and economical choice. A shuttle bus can be booked by the hour or day, offers a comfortable, air-conditioned ride, and will pick up and drop your passengers right where they need to go.
  • School Bus. If your group doesn’t mind “roughing it” a little, a school bus can be the perfect pick for a company outing. A school bus will seat from 44 to 60 people safely and reliably. The amenities are limited, but the savings are significant.
  • Entertainer Motorcoach. If you want to give a small group an unforgettable transportation experience, consider the entertainer bus. This is basically a luxury motel room on wheels, with room to accommodate 9 to 12 passengers. Plush recliners, large-screen satellite television, restroom, and full kitchen amenities make this bus a luxury event in itself.

Bring Your Amenities

What kind of bus you rent will determine what amenities your passengers will need to bring. Bathroom facilities vary by bus, and while the more luxury-end buses feature galley kitchens, your passengers may need to bring snacks or plan to eat along the way. Luggage space is also a concern — shuttle van or minibus will offer much less storage space than a motorcoach.

Still not sure if a charter bus is right for you? Get in touch with us to discuss your transportation needs and get a quote today!

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