July 1, 2017

Metropolitan Shuttle wishes you Happy 4th of July


The Fourth of July is a federal holiday where Americans come together to celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. It’s a day when the United States became a nation and separated from the British Empire. It’s also a day we have come to associate with barbecues, beer, baseball, reunions, and celebrating with friends and family.

This Fourth of July, join Metropolitan Shuttle in celebrating our country’s independence!

Independence Day Numbers and Trivia

Have you ever wondered just how many hot dogs people eat on the Fourth of July? Wonder no more — here’s some Independence Day trivia for you. (It’s 150 million, by the way).

  • Americans grill about $6 billion worth of beef between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
  • 42 million Americans will hit the road to celebrate the Fourth.
  • The U.S. imports almost $300 million worth of fireworks from China yearly.
  • Around 63% of Americans will attend a fireworks display on this holiday. 80% will attend a barbecue or picnic.
  • The first sounding of the Liberty Bell took place in Independence Hall on July 8, 1776.
  • Both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on July 4, 1826.
  • July 4 was declared a federal legal holiday in 1941. Unlike many other federal holidays, it has never been moved.

Did you know this about the history of the Fourth of July?

Although July 4 is the National Day of the United States, the actual legal separation of the colonies from the British Empire took place on July 2. The Second Continental Congress voted to approve a resolution of independence from British rule, turning to Thomas Jefferson as the primary author of the document.

The final draft of the Declaration was approved on July 4. Whether or not the Declaration was actually signed on that day is a matter of historical debate — some say it may have been signed as late as August — but the Fourth is nonetheless commonly accepted as the day of America’s independence.

Some of the Best Places to Celebrate the Fourth

Today, Independence Day is a federal holiday, commonly celebrated with picnics, barbecues, games, and family gatherings. Fireworks and patriotic songs are also an iconic part of Fourth of July celebrations. On military bases across the country, a “salute to the union” of one gun for every state in the U.S. is fired on this day.

So where are the best places to celebrate this Fourth of July? Perhaps the best answer is “wherever you are.” But if you’re looking to take a trip somewhere special this fourth, consider these patriotic destinations:

  • Las Vegas: Where better to celebrate your country’s independence than in America’s premier party city? Vegas may not be the first place you think of for the Fourth, but that’s a great reason to go: you can find some great hotel deals and party the day (and night) away.
  • New Orleans: For a more laid-back atmosphere, hit the Big Easy for a Fourth of July full of delicious food, great music, and unique nightlife.
  • Denver: For a more family-friendly experience, Denver is a great Independence Day destination. Fireworks festivals, art shows, live music, and sports events make for a great all-around Fourth of July weekend.
  • Washington, DCOne of the biggest Independence Day celebrations takes place in our Nations’s Capital. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to the National Mall to spend the day enjoying the celebrations, music and, once the sun has set, the wonderful fireworks.

If you want to take a trip this Independence Day — or any other holiday — Metropolitan Shuttle can help. We’re a reservation service for charter buses, and we’ll find you vehicles from the best charter bus companies in the United States. You can call us at 1-866-556-3545 or contact us for a free quote.

From all of us at Metropolitan Shuttle, have a fun and safe Fourth of July!


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