March 21, 2017

Travel Tips for Sports Teams


Whether it’s an away game or a tournament, it’s the time of year when many sports teams are traveling the country. These trips can require a lot of organization and teamwork by themselves, and keeping everyone safe and comfortable can be quite a challenge.

Chartering a bus from Metropolitan Shuttle can help take a lot of the headache out of getting everyone to and from the games.  Making trips just like this easy is what we’re trained to do — and we do it well. And if anything goes awry, we’re always just a phone call away. But before you call our helpful, professional staff and find out just how easy we can make it, here are a few tips to help keep your next sports trip stress-free and memorable.

Stay in Touch

Communication is probably the most important element of keeping your sports trip well-coordinated and orderly. Make sure everyone knows the schedule and the location of the pickup and drop-off locations. Clear signs and on-site management will help avoid any confusion and get everyone where they’re going in an organized fashion.

Metropolitan Shuttle’s dedicated smartphone app, MetroTRAC, makes it easy to stay in touch during a trip. The app lets the group leader know where all the group’s vehicles are at all times, and to communicate with the drivers.

Choose the Right Vehicle

Talk to your transportation company before choosing a mini bus or larger coach bus that can seat up to 60 people. While a smaller vehicle could save you some money, it might not be the right choice for your needs. Our staff can help you choose a vehicle with just the right set of amenities. The staff at Metropolitan Shuttle is here to make that decision as easy as possible, and help you get the best bus and maximum comfort for your money.

Plan for Big Savings

Although most hotels limit the number of people who can occupy a room to four, some offer mini-suites that allow up to eight occupants. If your trip allows you to shop around and book reservations early, find a hotel that offers this type of accommodations for major savings on your hotel bills. If the hotel offers a buffet-style meal or a free breakfast, that’s even more savings for your trip.

Plan for Nutrition Needs

A sports team needs good nutrition and hydration to play at peak performance. This impacts a whole array of factors on your trip, from restaurant choices to which snacks you bring. Keeping a large group well-fed and hydrated can be a challenge. The group leader should encourage each member of the team to have a supply of food and water for emergencies. If possible, call ahead to the restaurant where you plan to dine, so they can prepare to feed a large group of hungry athletes. Bring supplies of fresh fruit and yogurt instead of junk food, so your team will be well fueled for the competition.

Keep Them Entertained

Many charter buses have DVD players and big-screen TVs to keep travelers entertained during those long rides. But a movie doesn’t have to be a silent, passive affair. Take the opportunity to turn the movie into a chance to discuss teamwork, build relationships, and bring everyone together.

Charter a Bus for Your Next Sports Trip

Whether you’re planning a small sports outing or an entire series of away games, Metropolitan Shuttle has the vehicle and expertise to fit your transportation needs. We offer shuttle vans, charter buses, and even party buses with all the frills for that post-game celebration.

Interested in booking your next trip with us? Call us at 1-866-556-3545 or request a free quote, and let us make your next sports trip easier.

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