March 20, 2015

Top 5 Benefits of Traveling by Charter Bus


There are many benefits to choosing a charter bus over another means of transportation. Here are our five favorite benefits:

Environment Friendly “Green” Travel

When traveling by bus you are actually using less fuel per person than you do in a car.  A fully loaded charter bus will get almost 5 times the amount of fuel efficiency compared to a fully loaded car.  Metropolitan Shuttle can help you protect the environment and with your transportation needs!

Eliminate Stress

Driving in new places and scheduling group travel is stressful.  Crazy drivers that cut you off, difficult to keep several vehicles together, honking horns, traffic jams, constructions, and accidents are all risks that cause traveling stress.  Who likes the stress of driving anyways?  We have expert professional drivers that know the roads better than the back of their hand, put your mind at ease and relax during your travel.  Relax, have fun, or take a nap, leave the hard part to our charter bus drivers.

Better Safety Rating

Charter Bus travel is still one of the safest forms of travel with less accidents and injuries than any other form of travel.  Metropolitan Shuttle prides itself on staying up to date with the latest safety procedures and the importance placed on safety.

Save Money

When the cost of a charter bus is divided among each individual on the bus you will save money as it is less expensive per person for bus charter travel.  When dividing the cost of the charter bus by the number of people on board, you will see that the per passenger cost of the charter bus will be far less than you thought, and less than many other modes of transportation.

Enjoy the ride!

With a professional driver behind the wheel you will now be able to see the sites and socialize with others around you, rather than focusing on driving. Traveling with others is a wonderful way to meet new people, build new relationships, network, or connect with old friends.

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