March 30, 2015

Corporate & Group Charter Bus Transportation Safety


When it comes to planning off-site meetings, corporate retreats and other events, making sure everyone shows up safely and on time is a primary concern. The question for the coordinator typically boils down to is should people each be responsible for their own transportation or should a group charter bus be arranged? There are many good reasons for choosing a charter service, but by far the most important is safety.

People tend to typically keep their cars in good enough shape to stay on the road. Many miss scheduled maintenance appointments and do not pay attention to signs of wear and tear. A private charter bus company is required to have each of its vehicles go through rigorous safety inspections on a yearly basis. They must also keep detailed records of all maintenance performed on each vehicle during the course of the year. This strict oversight results in shuttle buses being on average seven times safer than a passenger vehicle. In fact, a recent study showed that in accidents with fatalities, passenger cars accounted for almost of the vehicles while buses were involved in only 4/10th of one percent of accidents.

Part of that safe record also comes from the professional behind the wheel. People who are attending the event or conference can be distracted by thinking about the day’s schedule and not be properly focused on what they are doing. The hired drivers, on the other hand, are licensed and trained for their job. Most of the drivers typically drive the same area on a regular basis. This means they are familiar with the roads and the traffic pattern, and know the safest route to the destination.

Charter Buses Offer A Convenience Factor

coach bus charterThere are certainly other factors besides safety to consider when deciding on transportation. By having everyone arrive together on a charter bus, it encourages people to meet and get to know each other beforehand, so by the time the event starts the ice has already been broken and people are ready to go. It also ensures that everyone will actually be there on time. many conferences have agendas that are tightly packed, and late arrivals can disrupt the flow, throwing off the rest of the day.

Finally, arranging for a shuttle or other form of group transportation is a great show of employee appreciation. It lets them know that their attendance is valued and takes the pressure off of them to have to make the drive themselves.

Above all, though, the most important reason for arranging transportation ahead of time is charter bus safety. There is no way to fully eliminate the possibility of an accident, but simply by removing up to 30 cars from the road and replacing them with a professionally maintained and driven motor coach, the odds are reduced significantly and it will help start the event, retreat or conference off on the right foot.

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