April 6, 2015

Complaints You Can Avoid By Using A Reputable Charter Bus Company


There are many Charter Bus companies located in the United States and Canada that many people use on a daily basis.  Charter buses are a great way to travel in groups and to corporate events… that is if you choose a reputable company. To avoid being a victim of a bad service the research should be completed up front.  With proper research you can easily determine reputable bus rental companies.  There are companies like Metropolitan Shuttle that will ensure you have the best service possible and always show up on time for your event or big day.

Top Complaints From Other Bus Rental Companies

      1. Poor equipment/old or dirty buses
      2. Bus arrived late
      3. Amenities did not work: TV/DVD, AC, Heat or Bathroom
      4. Bad/rude driver
      5. Company is hard to reach/Won’t return calls
      6. Bus broke down
      7. Charged extra after the trip
      8. Bus never showed up
      9. Refused to give a refund
      10. Driver got lost
      11. Misrepresented fleet
      12. Company did not follow through with contract
      13. Inadequate space on the bus
      14. Failed to change drivers after 10 hours of driving
      15. Company didn’t follow the itinerary

Data is based on 2,973 reviews submitted on roughly 950 bus companies listed on BusRates.com 

Metropolitan Shuttle is proud of their reputation and thousands of positive reviews from the United States and Canada.  Customers say Metropolitan Shuttle is the best company to use for shuttle buses and charter bus rentals.  To learn more contact Metropolitan Shuttle or request a free quote.

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