April 15, 2015

How to stay entertained riding on a charter bus: 10 simple tips


If you find yourself traveling on a bus for a long distance, you might find the monotony boring. Luckily there are simple tips and tricks that can make traveling on a bus a lot more enjoyable. We put together a list that will help you to conquer boredom and get to our destination happy, relaxed and well-rested.

  1. Bring Your Own Entertainment – Bring fun things to entertain yourself. These can include items such as:
    • Music & headphones
    • Books & Magazines
    • Tablets & Laptops
    • Hand held games
    • Portable DVD Player & Movies

    As you may have noticed, the list includes many electronic devices, so please don’t forget to bring power cords for each gadget!

  2. Relax– Sit back and enjoy the ride, we often get caught up in our busy daily routines. Enjoy the scenery or spark up an interesting conversation with the people around you.
  3. Smile – Putting a smile on your face will instantly make you feel happy and the ride will be more enjoyable.
  4. Dream – Catch up on some sleep and get plenty of rest for your trip. While on a charter bus you can easily relax as you do not have to do the driving!  Bring your pillow and blanket for maximum comfort.
  5. Be Creative – Take this time to come up to test out your creative writing skills. Try writing a poem, or a short story…  Or sketch a new drawing!  Bring your pens or pencils and a notepad…even a napkin will do.
  6. Take Photos– We all have cameras on our phones, try taking the best snapshots of your surroundings. Charter buses have a lot of fun designs for backgrounds and there will be a lot of different scenery views as you travel.  Just be careful with your flash so you do not distract the driver.
  7. Play Cards– Whether you’re traveling alone or with friends, card games never get old, whether you play Solitaire, War, or Rummy.
  8. Bring Back Childhood Games– There were a lot of great games that are very entertaining like tic-tac-toe and the dot game. Give it a shot and see how much time goes by.
  9. Make a Bucket List-There are a lot of things we want to do in our lifetimes that often get pushed to the backburner. Make a list of the things you would like to accomplish in your lifetime.  Whether it be to help others through volunteer or mission work…or you can list something more adventurous like skydiving.
  10. Be Productive– You will have a lot of time to pass on your travel so why not accomplish the things you have been meaning to do. Many Charter Buses have WiFi to allow you to browse the web, catch up on emails, or even pay bills (just make sure you have a secure network).

There are a lot of activities you can do while traveling on your next bus adventure. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride to your destination.

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