May 8, 2015

Senior Trip Group Travel After Graduation


Students all over North America are graduating from high school and college.  What better way to celebrate than taking a senior trip to your favorite destination (or multiple destinations)!  Many students never get their senior trip or it does not go as planned.

Group travel can be difficult to plan, and let’s face it who wants to put the mileage on their cars deal with the stress of trying to keep up with your friends in the other vehicles.  A lot of times it is hard to plan a trip for your large group of friends but with a charter bus it has never been easier!

Relax and Kick It With Your Friends!

Congratulations, you worked really hard and graduated!  Take some time for yourself to kick back and relax, take a road trip with all of your friends!  You’ve already worked hard enough so leave the driving up to a professional charter bus driver.

Affordable Group Travel

Traveling can be expensive with the cost of gas and airfare.  Why not get all of your friends together and split the cost of a charter bus.  No one has to drive and everyone can enjoy the ride, all your friends are in the same area at the same time, and is often cheaper than driving yourself, not to mention more environmentally friendly.

Safety Is Key

Parents worry, it is their job.  Put their mind at ease by traveling in a large group and by using a professional, certified driver.  With a variety of bus options that are all licensed and focused on safety you and your parents will be able to sleep at night!

Where Can I Travel?

The opportunities are endless!  Metropolitan Shuttle offers buses all over North America, so basically anywhere in the United States and Canada…get your bucket list ready!  Some of our favorite locations include:

Of course these are just a few places we like but we will go wherever you and your friends feel is the best location for your celebration before taking the next big steps in your life.  Whether it is Myrtle Beach, Miami Florida, Panama or another destination you can easily receive a free quote on charter bus travel and how much your travel would be, then split the cost up between you and your friends!

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