December 20, 2016

Donald Trump’s Inauguration 2017


At noon on Friday, January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. He will take the Oath of Office on the steps of the United States Capitol, preceded by the swearing-in of Mike Pence as Vice President.

While the full details of the inauguration ceremony to follow have not yet been revealed, one thing is certain — the Capitol will be a busy place come Inauguration Day.
According to the inaugural committee, Trump’s theme for the celebration following his swearing-in will be “Make America Great Again,” the same as the President-Elect’s campaign slogan. Trump will go on to attend two official inaugural balls later that evening.

Trump’s inauguration looks to be very different from that of Barack Obama. Where Obama’s inaugurals attracted a large number of celebrities from Bruce Springsteen to Beyonce, Trump’s inaugurals may attract fewer entertainers. While hotels in DC are seeing fewer reservations and are predicting less than the 1.8 million people that turned up for Obama, many rooms are still selling out. Several hotels are offering four-day inaugural packages for visitors planning to stay and attend other events in the wake of the inauguration.
According to Trump’s representatives, the inauguration celebration will be simple and “about the people.” Though there is not yet an official list of entertainers or celebrities, some stars are expected to perform at the ceremony.

The National Mall also promises to be a place for protest and dissent on Inauguration Day. Many groups and celebrities, including Michael Moore, have sworn to lodge protest at the event. The National Park Service, which manages permits for protests and other events on the National Mall, has issued its maximum number of permits for the Lincoln Memorial on January 20. Well-publicized protest organizations, such as the Women’s March on Washington, will find themselves unable to protest at the Lincoln Memorial, and will have to find another venue for their voices to be heard.

A typical Inauguration Day involves a 21-gun salute from Washington’s military district after the ceremony, followed by a luncheon given by Congress. After that, the President and vice-president take part in a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol to the White House. Inaugural celebrations can last from five days before the ceremony to five days after.

While Inauguration Day is not a national holiday, it is a federal holiday for those federal employees working in the District of Columbia and certain counties in Maryland and Virginia.

Much of DC will still be doing business on Inauguration Day, and traffic disruption is inevitable. If you or your organization plan to be there for the ceremony, a shuttle bus or van should be a key part of your transportation strategy. Call or click to contact Metropolitan Shuttle for a free quote and start booking your charter bus before Inauguration Day arrives!

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