December 18, 2016

Are You Ready for Super Bowl LI?


The Super Bowl is closer than you might think! The culmination of the 2016 NFL football season, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest yearly sports events in history — and this February’s big game will be no different. Super Bowl LI will be held the NRG Stadium in Houston, a venue seating over 70,000 people.

Super Bowl Sunday is considered an unofficial national holiday by some, and for good reason. It’s the second-biggest day for food consumption right behind Thanksgiving, and the televised broadcast of the game are routinely the most-watched TV events in history. Over 114 million people in America will tune in to watch the game. That’s almost one in three people in the country! Last year, the Super Bowl gathered an online streaming audience of 800,000 viewers per minute.

Even those who aren’t sports fans have reason to celebrate the Super Bowl. Why? The commercials, of course. Super Bowl commercials have become something of an American institution, as the biggest companies pull out all the stops to air their most memorable, controversial, and entertaining advertisements for a massive audience. Many of the most iconic and memorable commercials in history have aired during the Super Bowl, such as the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984, the Budweiser Frogs in 1995, and the Old Spice Guy in 2010.

The famous halftime show is another reason to tune in to the Super Bowl. Over the years, the world’s most famous entertainers have taken the stage to fill the halftime gap and keep the audience happy. Some of the more notable luminaries include Michael Jackson in 1993, Paul McCartney in 2005, and Beyonce in 2013. Perhaps one of the more memorable shows in recent memory is Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s performance in 2004, which familiarized the world with the phrase “wardrobe malfunction.” Super Bowl LI’s halftime show will be headlined by Lady Gaga.

Regardless of which teams make it to the final showdown this season, the Super Bowl has a superior venue. The NRG Stadium was originally built to replace the Astrodome as a facility that would combine the best elements of an indoor arena and open-air stadium. The NRG stadium hosted its first NFL game between the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans in 2002.

Traveling to Super Bowl 2017?

As with any big sporting event — and the Super Bowl is one of the biggest — traffic and transportation will meet with challenges on the day of the big game. During Super Bowl 50, an estimated one million fans visited San Francisco, with hundreds of limos and 600 to 800 tour buses arriving on the scene. Street closures and traffic problems are almost inevitable.

Transportation challenges like those created by the Super Bowl call for professionals. Metropolitan Shuttle can help groups of any size with local transportation, airport-to-hotel shuttles, or other transportation needs.
If you’re planning on being in Houston for one of the biggest sporting events in the world, the time to start booking is now. Get in touch with Metropolitan Shuttle and get a free quote today.

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