October 26, 2018

Traveling with Large Groups on a Budget


When you consider the cost of transportation, meals, lodging, and other travel-related expenses, traveling with a large group can get expensive. But don’t let that stop you from planning a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with your group or organization. On your next trip with a large group, keep the costs down with these money-saving tips from the budget travel experts at Metropolitan Shuttle, the leading Charter reservation company serving the US and Canada.

Rent a Charter Bus

Compared to airline tickets, taxis, and ridesharing services, the price per passenger is significantly less expensive with charter bus travel. At Metropolitan Shuttle, our selection of vehicles features buses with large capacities, which means you can keep your group all in one place during the journey. Many luxury coaches offer amenities for the long haul, like onboard restrooms, comfy reclining seats with footrests, Wi-Fi, and much more.

For shorter trips within a metropolitan area, the school bus is the most budget-friendly option. It might not have the amenities of luxury coaches, but it can safely transport your group from point A to point B for a price that everyone can afford.

Affordable Charter Bus Pricing

When you request a quote from Metropolitan Shuttle, we also give you one upfront price, which means you won’t get stuck with hidden fees that can throw you off budget later on. If you choose a charter bus for your transportation needs, look for trusted companies with an excellent safety record and top-rated customer service. At Metropolitan Shuttle, safety is our number one priority, which is why we verify operators’ safety records and insurance before assigning any to your trip… Our expert customer service representatives will give you a breakdown of the final price to make sure that you understand the exact cost of the trip.

Bring Your Own Food

It’s common knowledge that food and drinks are more expensive at restaurants than grocery stores, especially with large groups. Be sure to mention to your travel expert that you’d like to bring food and drinks for your group, so they can pair you with buses that allow food and drinks. This way you can enjoy inexpensive food and drinks at your destination. If it’s a day trip, you could also ask each member of the group to bring their own packed lunch, which will further offset the cost of food. When everybody has their favorite snacks and drinks to enjoy, tailgating with your group can be a fun bonding activity that also saves the group a significant amount of money.


Crowd Funding

Even when you cut corners in all areas, the cost of group travel can be a heavy burden for organizations on a tight budget. But don’t let that stop you from planning an epic trip for your group! In the age of social media, raising money for a group or organization has never been easier. With a small amount of effort, you can call on the online community for support with crowdfunding platforms like Go Fund Me and Kickstarter.


Group Discounts

Whether it’s an amusement park, a convention center, or other destination, many companies offer quantity discounts on tickets and passes. In other words, the more tickets you buy, the cheaper the price. Once you have a headcount, you can calculate the savings per passenger, which can be passed on to members of the group. Some restaurants and hotels also offer group discounts, so it would be worth your while to ask about group pricing when making reservations. Not to mention, sometimes the tickets are free for the group leader.


Plan Ahead

Travel expenses like charter bus rentals and airline tickets often fluctuate with the seasons, so get the most value for your money when you book your trip a few months in advance. That way, you can lock in the best possible rate, even if you’re traveling during peak season. According to the travel insiders at CheapAir.com, the best time to book airfare is during the prime booking window, which is three weeks to three and a half months before your departure date. For cruise vacations, booking well in advance can also get you extra perks and amenities like drink packages, onboard credits, and Wi-Fi.


Financial Apps

Another way to cut corners on group travel is with financial apps that automatically split all of your expenses. Splitwise is free and does all the number crunching for you; that way, you can make sure everyone gets paid back for the money they spent during the trip. The Splitwise app tracks expenses that are group related and then evenly splits group activities, dinners, or entertainment expenses. The app will even send reminders to everyone until the balance is paid off.

Another handy financial tool, electronic payment apps such as Venmo or PayPal are an efficient and secure way for members of your group to exchange money in real time, which helps everybody keep a closer track on daily spending.

Group travel can be expensive but when you incorporate money saving tips into your travel plans, you and your crew can experience the adventure of a lifetime while avoiding feeling overwhelmed by finances. From #FOMO to #YOLO, these budget-friendly ideas will ensure that you never miss out on the fun!

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